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NORM Disposal

Lotus ZRG maintains exclusive access to the patented Lotus salt cavern disposal facility in the United States, which is licensed to accept all forms of domestic and international oil and gas NORM Waste. Licensed since 1997, the facility has no limitations on radioactive concentration for its NORM disposal authority and receives waste streams from all major O&G companies around the world. The facility is capable to receive material in any form and in any package, so there is no need to worry about pre-treating the waste to comply with disposal facility waste acceptance criteria. If the material is generated in oil and gas production, it can be permanently disposed of in the Lotus facility.

Radioactive Decontamination

Across our global footprint, Lotus ZRG has the equipment, personnel, and experience to decontaminate any radioactive contamination resulting from atomic numbers 1-95.  Whether contaminated items are on your site or have been transported to an offsite location, our experience and state of the art equipment will complete the job safely and securely.


Lotus ZRG has the personnel, experience, and network to safely package and transport contaminated items and waste from anywhere in the world to its final disposal.  It remains the mission of Lotus ZRG to offer impeccable service to our customers with a focus on protecting the environment and minimising the liability exposure to the generator.

Consultative Services

Lotus ZRG offers consulting and training services to customers who desire to create strategic NORM management plans, radiation protection training, NORM export plans, or baseline evaluations of NORM contamination.   Lotus ZRG consultants have over 100 years of combined experience in conducting consultative and training services for more than 250 oil and gas operators worldwide.

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